Architecture inherited from Amahaj.


The "AO" series includes artworks or images featuring azure and blue-toned landscapes from different locations. The first one is called Yanbaru no Mori no Ao. The design concept is "Amahaj," which serves the purpose of shielding from storms and direct sunlight and is commonly observed in Okinawan houses. Following this tradition, we designed a villa with ample space underneath the roof structure (terrace, living room). In addition, the rain saved by Amahaj is collected under the building and used for drinking water in the villa, pool, and hot tubs in the bathroom, making it an SDGs building that embraces the benefits of Okinawa's environment.










沖縄の魅力的な自然を生かし、先人たちの知恵を継承したAO NAKIJIN 優雅な時間を、自然と共に。

Nakijin Village, located in the northern part of Okinawa Prefecture, is a place abundant with beautiful nature, offering an excellent environment that cannot be found in the city, with views of the brightly colored sea, majestic blue trees, and illuminated night skies.

This project site is set on a hill with a panoramic view of the green nature, overlooking a vast forest and an ocean in the distance, making it a perfect location.

With several structures existing on the current villa site, we wanted a concept that would take benefit of the wonderful background while remaining close to the road.

To cope with Okinawa’s warm temperatures and unexpected storms, private residences used to have spaces under their roofs called ”Amahaj”, which functioned as a place for people to live and gather and it worked.

To optimize the use of the ceilings, the building features a one-sided roof and a curved surface for the roof foundation, which efficiently distributes the weight and creates a sheltered space beneath the eaves, maximizing the unobstructed view.

Spacious windows provide amazing views of the surrounding landscape from within, while the sloped ceiling, made of richly toned wood, extends seamlessly from the interior to the exterior, capturing the spectacular scenery.

The terrace area features outside dining and a pool, allowing you to enjoy activities such as BBQ and swimming regardless of the weather. You can also relax in the bathtub with the hot spring water that is refreshing on your skin while watching the sun set through the windows overlooking the sky and woodland scenery. Experience an elegant time amidst the captivating nature of Okinawa at AO NAKIJIN, where the wisdom of past generations harmonizes seamlessly with the island’s natural beauty.

RE AQUA/リアクア









浴室のお風呂では、上記に加えて、ミネラル成分を豊富に含有している「光明石※1」と併用する事で、清潔で温泉効果も高い温泉が楽しめて、様々な効能を得られます。 沖縄では台風被害で近年も断水で悩まされる事も多いですが、災害時に断水した際でも飲料水を確保できるよう、蓄電池・太陽光発電も用意しています。



RE AQUA/リアクア



God’s blessing: Utilize the benefits of the rain.

Okinawa’s soil is primarily limestone, which allows which allows water to flow through quickly. Over time, a thriving civilization has developed numerous strategies to ensure water security. Furthermore, thanks to its subtropical climate, Okinawa receives more rainfall than Tokyo, resulting in abundant water supplies. However, the high lime concentration of the water demands treatment with a water softener for optimal use. Currently, it is challenging to adequately manage this issue.

Furthermore, due to the effect of inbound tourists, the number of resort facilities has recently expanded, and water supply difficulties are emerging not only in Okinawa but throughout Japan. Given the current scenario, in which the island’s abundant water resources are not being used efficiently and are having an adverse effect on the lives of its residents, we must examine strategies to safeguard the island’s rich natural environment and lifestyle while simultaneously conserving water supplies for the future. With this in mind, we initiated creating Reaqua.

There are three major configurations of purifying equipment:

  • Minerals may breakdown, combine, and discharge hazardous chemicals, effectively killing bacteria and viruses.
  • “Quadruple filter” eliminates contaminants and odors.
  • “Ultra Fine Bubbles” dissolve air bubbles for efficient purification and    physiological benefits.

The construction foundation also serves as a rainwater storage tank, storing and purifying rainwater to meet the facility’s overall water needs. Furthermore, by using a comparable technology for the pool’s filtration and circulation system, it is possible to produce mineral-ionized water with fine bubbles, which improves skin comfort and reduces dirt collection.

In addition to the aforementioned, employing Komeiseki*1, which includes rich mineral components, it offers the opportunity to enjoy a pristine hot spring experience with potent effects and diverse benefits. Okinawa has seen frequent water outages in recent years as a result of typhoon damage. However, we have implemented storage batteries and solar power generation to ensure access to drinking water even in the event of a calamity. A household of five can secure drinking water for approximately 30 days*2 by utilizing water from the rainwater pit and pool, which are responsible for storing water resources.

Reaqua has the potential to become a new infrastructure that is essential for resort facilities, providing a rich environment to live and enjoy nature’s blessings even in isolated areas and islands with insufficient water supply.

A blessing from heaven that is considerate of the global environment: By storing the rain,
We value water resources not only in Okinawa, but also throughout Japan and around the world.

RE AQUA *1: This is a quasi-drug licensed by the Ministry of Health, Labor, and Welfare (approval number 14300DZZ00251000).
Effects: Headache, rheumatism, stiff shoulders, lower back pain, hemorrhoids, cold sensitivity, fatigue healing, etc.
*2 When computing the daily water consumption per person, base calculations on a maximum storage capacity of 30 tons, equivalent to 200 liters.