A villa where you can feel the wind

北側に古宇利島と沖縄の海を眺望む宿泊施設です。 敷地は広大な森と海に面した崖、さらにはプライベートビーチを有しており、プライベートビーチへは木々のトンネルのような小道で降りるなど様々な自然を楽しめる土地でした。 資料を調べてみると、この崖は数千年前の地層でできており、特に冬場に吹く北からの波風でちょっとずつ削られて現在のような特異な形になっていました。 このような場所に建てられる建物としては、この貴重な崖を無理に掘削すること事なく、穏やかでもあり、時には厳しい表情を見せる、北からの波風を感じられる建物が良いと考えました。 建物は崖上の平坦な部分を狙って直線と曲線を組み合わせた形としています。 車でアプローチした際は低く抑えられた外観となっており、室内の廊下も敢えて狭さ感と低さ感を作 り出しています。 この抑圧された廊下を抜け視界に飛び込んでくるのが、彼方まで続く沖縄の北の海です。 海に向かって迫り上げた屋根により空と海の色が反射し室内に様々な表情を見せてくれます。 夏の穏やかな海の表情も、少し厳しい冬の白波も、この魅力的な地形を作り出した自然であり、都会では絶対に味わえない体験だと思います。 北の海から吹く海風を肌で感じ、波の音を聴きながら眠りに落ちる、そんな宿泊体験がこの建物の魅力です。

The view from this room overlooks Kouri Island and the Okinawa Sea to the north. The site includes a large forest, a cliff overlooking the sea, and even a private beach where you can enjoy a range of natural activities, including a tunnel-like walk through the trees. Examining the materials revealed that this cliff was made up of thousands of years old rock formations that had been gradually sculpted away by the waves and winds that blow from the north, particularly in the winter, giving it its current unusual appearance. To build a structure in such a place, it was decided that it would be ideal to create one that would allow people to enjoy the waves and wind from the north, which can be calm and harsh at times, without having to forcefully remove this valuable cliff. The building's form combines straight lines and curves, pointing at the flat section of the cliff. When accessed by car, the facade has a low profile, and the inner passageways were designed to convey a sense of narrowness and lowness. Passing through this hidden corridor, the sea to the north of Okinawa spreads into the horizon. The roof that rises toward the sea reflects the colors of the sky and water, resulting in a diversity of expressions within the room. The peacefulness of the sea in the summer and the slightly harsh white waves in the winter are the two elements of nature that have shaped this attractive terrain, and believed to be an experience that no one will never have in town. The appeal of this structure is the sensation of feeling the northern sea air on your skin and falling asleep while listening to the waves.

Living room with a view of the sea and Kouri Island.
A clifftop villa. Over-looking horizon.
The ceiling reflects the colors of the sky and water, providing the interior with a wide range of expressions.
A building design that blends straight lines and curves, with emphasis on the cliff’s flat area.
The car’s side features a low-restrained appearance.

設計FUU+Sデザインファーム 担当:鹿内 健・鹿内 真沙子・渡辺 裕貴
インテリアデザイン渡邊 広美
The planned location/areaOkinawa Prefecture
Main PurposeAccommodation Facility
Type of ConstructionNew Construction
Scale/SizeRC Two-story Building
Site Area4,398㎡
Total Floor Area285㎡
DesignFUU+S Ken Shikauchi, Masako Shikauchi, Yuki Watanabe
Interior DesignHiromi Watanabe