A resort space for doing nothing, just relaxing.

沖縄・瀬底島に計画された1日1組だけが泊まれるホテルです。瀬底島は西岸に夕日の沈む美しいビーチがあり、このホテルのデザインが始まった頃は大型の大資本ホテルが建設され始めていました。大型ホテルはレストラン・アクティビティなど充実しており 1棟貸し切りのホテルでは提供できないサービスがあります。一方でこの小さなホテルの敷地は数日をかけて朝から晩まで過ごして見ると海の変化に大変驚かされました。本部港は奄美大島や鹿児島と那覇を結ぶ船が停泊する港で船の行き来する情景が楽しめます。また東に向いているため朝日によって変化する海の色も楽しめました。大型ホテルにアクティビティで敵わないのであれば「ただただ自然を堪能して体を自然に委ねる」ように海だけを見るホテルが良いのでは?と考えました。この棟は横長の水平線を際立たせ海を広く見渡すために、建物は水平線を強調したデザインとしています。円弧状のアプローチを抜けエントランスに入ると天井高さ4mのリビングとなります。プールサイドに置かれたアンティーク水瓶やリビングに置かれた無垢材のサイドボードなど自然を感じさせるマテリアルを点在させ「何もしないで過ごすリゾート空間」を目指しました。

This is a hotel located on Sesoko Island Okinawa, and only accommodates one group per day. Sesoko Island boasts a beautiful beach on the west coast where you can enjoy the sunset, and when the design of this hotel began, large capital hotels were starting to be constructed. These large hotels offer a wide range of services such as restaurants and activities that cannot be provided by a single-use hotel. On the other hand, over the course of several days spent from morning to evening on the small hotel’s property, I was amazed by the ever-changing sea. Motobu Port is a harbor where ships connecting Amami Oshima, Kagoshima, and Naha anchor, and you can enjoy the sight of ships coming and going. Additionally, since its faces east, you can also appreciate the changing colors of the sea as it is illuminated by the morning sun. If this hotel cannot compete with the large hotels in terms of activities, then why not create a hotel that simply allows guests to appreciate nature and surrender themselves to it, focusing solely on the sea? To emphasize the wide view of the sea and highlight the horizontal line, the design of the building emphasizes the horizontal line. Passing through curved entrance, you enter a living room with a ceiling height of 4 meters. Antiques water jugs place by the poolside and solid wood sideboards in the living room are scattered throughout, incorporating materials that evoke a natural feeling, aiming to create a “resort space for doing nothing, just relaxing.”

外観デザイン 水平窓で海を切り取るデザイン
The exterior design features horizontal windows that frame and capture views of the sea.
An access to bedroom from poolside.
円弧状のアプローチ 到着時にはプールは見えない仕掛け
A curved approach with a hidden pool upon arrival.
天井高さ4mのリビング シーリングファンが心地よい風を感じさせる
A 4-meter high living room with ceiling fans that create a pleasant breeze.
A living room that offers a sense of unity with the pool and the sea.
A living room designed solely for relaxed and leisurely enjoyment.
A pool extending towards the sea.
A dining space with a view of greenery.
An outdoor BBQ area adjacent to the dining space.
Each bedroom is approached by an outdoor passageway.
A bathroom with a view of the sea.
A bedroom designed to enhance privacy.
Picture window that frame the sea and the Island.

設計Sデザインファーム 鹿内 健・鹿内 真沙子
インテリアデザイン渡邊 広美
写真鳥村鋼一写真事務所 鳥村 鋼一

Planned Location/AreaSesoko Island, Okinawa Prefecture
Main PurposeAccommodation Facility
Type of ConstructionNew Construction
Scale/SizeReinforced Concrete, One-story above ground
Site Area607.17㎡
Total Floor Area142.53㎡
Eng: Date of CompletionMarch 2020
DesignS Design Firm Ken Kanouchi/Masako Kanouchi
Interior DesignHiromi Watanabe
PhotographKoichi Torimura
Photo Office Koichi Torimura